fall is definitely my favorite season.  the cooler weather and changing leaves are always such a welcome change, and after the unseasonably hot summer in pittsburgh, I’ve been looking forward to it even more.

growing up in michigan, each time the fall came around, my family would make a trip out to the VerHage Farm to pick apples. what stands out most in my memories from these occasions are all of the wonderful fall things we would make after each visit. this year I’m looking forward to the apple crisp and cider just as much, but have come across a new recipe that I think will become part of my annual repertoire. butternut squash soup is usually the soup I’ve made in the years past, but when my friend Andre presented me with a pumpkin a few days ago, I thought I would give pumpkin soup a try.

the soup is really simple and takes only about an hour to make, but the result is really satisfying.

2 thoughts on “pumpkin soup

  1. hi anneliese, are you living in Pittsburgh–since when?
    can’t wait to get and try this recipe; we (Bill) has been making pumpkin soup the last few years for Canadian and American Thanksgivings….what else is new?
    how are you ? hugs to you

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