baked + desserts

butternut squash + pesto calzones

chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream (vegan, soy free)

chocolate chip meringues

cinnamon rasin swirl bread

cowboy cookies

meyer lemon bars

millet bread


brussel sprouts + eggs 

eggs + spicy rice

white peaches + yogurt

quinoa + almond milk + fruit

chicken, fish

chicken in red wine tomato sauce

chicken with spiced chickpeas

parmesan whitefish + lemon chive butter

fish tacos + chipotle crema

pasta + grains

pasta fagioli


a simple arugula salad

arugula, quinoa + an over easy egg

sandwiches, wraps

apple + goat cheese quesadillas with heirloom pepper salsa

avocado blts

quinoa falafel 

sauces + condiments

parsley-feta hummus

roasted red pepper dip (muhammara)

roasted tomato ketchup


brown rice + almond butter granola bars

wheat thins 

soups + stews

butternut squash soup with bacon + spinach


kale + lentil soup

pumpkin soup 

white bean + tomato soup

wine-braised lentils


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