a few weeks ago i did a short write-up about my internship at la cocina for the gastronomy students’ blog: to san francisco: in support of culinary entrepreneurs. it can be found here: http://gastronomyatbu.wordpress.com/2011/07/08/to-san-francisco-in-support-of-culinary-entrepreneurs/

photos were taken at la cocina’s “african feast” cooking class, june 8th

2 thoughts on “gastronomy, and la cocina

  1. Hi Annaliese! Saw your post on Eji (and her La Cocina cohorts) :) She’s doing her first pop up dinner that will be equal parts hands-on cooking class, experience (hearing her tell stories from her childhood and starting up a business in SF!), and a seasonal 3-course Ethiopian meal — for just $30. We’d love for you to join for the evening. :) http://www.simmr.co/events/22

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